Photos and Story by Tom Gomez 

 The 1963 Buick Riviera is a classic among classics in the custom and Lowrider world. The design of the 63 actually became available in late 1962 and forever became a sought after body style that would last the test of time.

Steve Quesada of Oxnard California is one of those people who got bit by the Riviera bug and created one of the cleanest Rivi’s on the central coast of California.

Steve comes from a long background of custom car builders and their main focus has been Lowriders.

You know the cars with the elaborate hydraulic systems that allow a car to do side to side, up and down and the crowd favorite Pancake. Which allows the car to lay frame on the street and we can tell you.. you can’t get… any cooler than that.!!

Steve’s older brother Efraim was the inspiration and teacher who guided Steve in the art of custom car building and painting. Growing up in the Pico Rivera area the lowrider influence was all around and Steve’s dream of owning a Rivi finally came true.

The car wasn’t in the best of shape and was in need of much needed repair. Family and friends told Steve he should walk away and call it a loss.

Steve’s vision and the ongoing support from his brother Efraim was the key to success in building this immaculate Buick. With so much attention to detail and the goal of keeping it as original as possible, the custom bug was still there and that’s what you see integrated into the classic stylings of the Riviera.

Gone are the hydraulics and are now replaced with a cleaner, more reliable air bag system and an upgraded sound system that wasn’t available in 1963 because you can’t cruise without tunes.

Steve wanted to thank his wife Teresa and his daughter Josie for their continued support over the ten plus years of creating this immaculate Rivi and special thanks to his brother Efraim for the priceless knowledge and support that said never give up.

We agree! Keep cruising homie!