Cat Catastrophe considers herself the love child of Henry Rollins and Dolly Parton.  She is absolutely stunning with gorgeous red hair and she’s sweet as pie.  She is Southern, California born and raised, but the Easy Bay/Oakland she considers her second home.  We know her as a PinUp model, but she is also a makeup artist that is starting school to get her esthetician’s license.  She is one of the most well rounded women loving the basics of spending her days cooking, baking, gardening, learning to sew, and chasing after her 85 lb Pitbull.  Lucky 13 is excited to announce her as the 1st PinUp of the month!

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Sabina: How long have you been a PinUp model and what made you want to be one?
Cat: I grew up around the car culture and always going to shows as a kids, and would also always watch Turner Classic Movies.  So, I loved old Hollywood Glamour and had a passion for beauty and personal care.  I got into modeling about 3 years ago, when a friend convinced me to get in front of the camera, and with my love for cars and old Hollywood everything just came together!
Sabina: What are 3 things you can not live without?
Cat: My dog, iced coffee, and a good book.
Sabina: What is your dream in life?
Cat: I would love to own some land someday and have the garden of my dreams and be able to grow most of my own food, rescue Pitbulls, and probably own a cabin in the Smoky Mountains.
Sabina: Tell us something nobody would ever guess about you.
Cat: When I was about 4 or 5, I had a pancake breakfast with the Hell’s Angels.
Every opportunity Cat gets in her PinUp modeling career is a big deal to her.  She has met so many amazing and talented people from it and would love to do more. If you would like to see more of Cat’s work go follow her at @cat__catastrophe on Instagram.
Sabina Kelley is an International PinUp Model, TV Personality, and Showgirl.  Lucky 13 was the first clothing company she ever modeled for back in 2003, and she has been part of the Lucky 13 team ever since.  She has modeled for many of the ad campaigns, done t-shirt collabs, and is now in charge of the Lucky 13 PinUp of the month.  Each month Sabina will pick one model she thinks fits the Lucky 13 style.  A model that is unique, fun, breaking boundaries, and has the look we love!  The PinUp of the month will get a real photoshoot with Lucky 13 and we will also promote them on our social media outlets and on the website. If you would like to be considered for PinUp of the month please email
Cowgirl Hat: Lucky Drive Photos
Leopard Top Green Car & Sitting on Green Dresser: Mitzi & Co Photography
Overall: Unknown
Juicy Fruit Bikini On Beach: Annalee Belle Bikini by Sabina Kelley X A'QUA Swim
White Dress Candles: MichelleXStar
Offerings to the God of Speed: Todd Huber


August 22, 2022 — L13 Updatestaff